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Alta Badia, in the heart of the South Tyrolean Dolomites a UNESCO World Heritage site, is an authentic place, rich in culture and thousands of years of traditions, which distinguish the Ladin people who live in this area. The new project Nos Ladins – We Ladins aims to invite tourists to discover the local traditions and way of life. No-one can do this better than those who actually live there.


Alta Badia (South Tyrolean Dolomites/Italy) – What do a gourmet chef, a traditional cook, three farmers, a cyclist, a dressmaker and an mountain guide of Alta Badia have in common? Quite simply their deep innate passion for the land where they grew up and still live. And they will be the unrivalled protagonists of the Nos Ladins – We Ladins event, which gives tourists who come to Alta Badia the chance to spend a few hours doing what the locals do.


At one time, Alta Badia was ruled by the tough, challenging but fulfilling, work of the farmers. Over the years the way the land is farmed has changed. Many jobs that were done by hand are now performed with the support of modern equipment. On one hand farming has got simpler, but this doesn’t mean it’s any less fascinating. And this view is also shared by Ossi and Robert Rottonara, two young farmers aged 24 and 27, who are passionate about the mountains and sport and who run the family farm along with their father. They will be the ones presenting this unforgettable experience and demonstrating farm life to tourists taking part in the event. Weather permitting, visitors will go into the fields to make hay or get on with the numerous jobs to be done in the stable. The dates are as follows: 17 July, 12 and 21 August and 4 September. The activities will be defined based on the period and weather conditions.


Getting up in the middle of the night to reach the top of the Dolomites and watch the sun rise is one of the activities that is part of a real local’s life. Manuel Agreiter, a local mountain guide and manager of a refuge in Vallon (2550m), will take visitors on a 90-minute walk to the Piz da Lech track. From there you can admire the beauty of the sun rising behind the Santa Croce, Lavarela and Conturines range. Manuel knows the name of every peak and listening to his stories of men and mountains will be really captivating. The meeting point for the trip is in Corvara, from where Manuel takes visitors by car to the start of the walk to the Piz da Lech track. Then visitors walk back to Vallon, where breakfast is provided, before descending on foot or in cable cars to the centre of Corvara. The excursion is easy-average difficulty level. The dates are as follows: 14 and 28 July, 18 August and 1 September.


The woods are a source of energy and a place to be discovered. Dive into them with Andrea Irsara, a gourmet chef from Alta Badia who will make the experience truly unique. Andrea, who has based his job on his passion for cooking, will take participants on a path through the woods and mountain pastures. It will be him who teaches visitors to recognise the mountain herbs and to pick them respecting nature and then use them in the kitchen. Visitors will then make simple but authentic dishes and drinks with him. The event is suitable for anyone with a strong passion for nature, the products it offers and healthy but tasty cuisine. The dates are as follows: 24 July, 7 and 27 August.


The Ladin people never stop and are full of inventiveness and creativity. One of these people is called Anita Vittur, a mother and ski instructor who has transformed her home into a sewing workshop where she designs and makes clothes and accessories that are modern, but at the same time connected with the local tradition, with passion for detail and everything handmade. If you take part in one of the days organised with her you will find out more about Ladin style and at the same discover Anita’s secrets. It all takes place at the foot of her beloved Dolomites, inside her workshop a stone’s throw from the centre of San Cassiano. The dates are as follows: 21 July, 4 and 25 August and 8 September.


Cuisine is an integral part of the culture and traditions of a place. Ladin dishes are simple but genuine, made based on the recipes passed down from mother to daughter, from generation to generation, over the years. So if you aspire to be like a Ladin, or at least nearly like one, you absolutely have to spend an afternoon with Anna Maria Comploi in the kitchen of the family farm. The cook, who specialises in Ladin dishes, will reveal the secrets of local cuisine to visitors:  canederli (dumplings), turtres (pastries) filled with spinach and ricotta or cabbage, furtaies (spiral shaped sweet pastries) and other Ladin specialities will be made following the traditional recipes and enjoyed together in a typical and welcoming environment. The dates are as follows: 30 July, 20 August and 10 September.


Transhumance is the migration of animals who at the end of the summer are taken to their stables in the village, after spending the hotter months grazing in the Alpine pastures. Anyone who takes part in this activity will have the opportunity to accompany Matteo Piccolruaz, a young local farmer, along the last kilometres of the journey back down to the village with his livestock. A unique and rich experience which takes you back in time. Matteo is part of the group of young farmers and is an authentic protector of the values connected with the farming tradition that he works to preserve and continue with coherency and conviction. The experience starts at the meeting point in Saré, at the Capanna Alpina refuge, then it continues along the stream to San Cassiano, reaching La Villa and finally Badia. The event will take place on Sunday 20 September.


In 1985 one of the most famous and popular granfondo cycling events in the world began in Alta Badia itself: the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel. Igor Tavella, a great bike enthusiast, will be the one who reveals the history and anecdotes about the event to participants. Igor’s father Eduard is one of the founders of the amateur granfondo event. Igor will take cyclists on a ride like a real “insider”, discovering the less known roads and tracks of lovers of this sport. The ride starts in the home of the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel, with a break for a snack or a particular pit-stop, in true local style. The event will take place on Friday 3 July.

To book, you need to contact the Alta Badia tourist information offices. All the initiatives will be planned and run considering the Covid-19 legislation so as to guarantee the maximum safety of the participants. A maximum of four people can take place on each date.

For further information: Alta Badia Tourist Information Offices – – Tel.: +39 0471/836176-847037 – Email:




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