How To Stay Active While In Quarantine: What To Do

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How To Stay Active While In Quarantine: What To Do

We all have been locked up inside by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we have to stay active and healthy nonetheless. We have to maintain our weight within a healthy range, keep our minds active, and raise our immunity against lifestyle diseases. According to the WHO, adults need about 3-5 hours of physical activity every week to be healthy and keep their weight in check. That is achievable despite the fact that our normal exercise routines have been disrupted by this crisis.

Here is how to remain physically active while in quarantine:

How To Stay Active

  1. Practice Yoga

Online social platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, are filled with Yoga instructors who offer Yoga classes for beginners free of charge. If you love Yoga but have never had the time to practice, your time is now. You can even subscribe to paid Yoga classes if you want more intense lessons and, of course, if you have the budget for it.

  1. Play with your kids

You are spending a lot more time with your kids now that you all are stuck at home together. Chances are that you are even helping them study. Don’t just focus on the academic part of learning; be the kid’s PE teacher as well. You will have fun playing catch, or whichever game you enjoy, while bonding and having fun. You can even put on some music and dance.

play with the kids

  1. Create an indoor garden

Don’t you love it when you have fresh herbs in your kitchen? Now that going to the grocery stores and supermarkets isn’t as convenient or fashionable as before coronavirus, maybe it is time to grow your own herbs garden. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment, a condo, or a studio apartment. You can grow herbs in your kitchen without any outdoor space. Just find containers/pots, throw in some soil, plant your seeds, and hang them in the kitchen. You got yourself an indoor kitchen right there. If you are worried about insufficient light in your small space, don’t worry because indoor gardening technology has got you covered. Just acquire LED grow lights to provide the same lighting effect that natural sunlight has on plants.

  1. Jump rope

This is an excellent cardio exercise. It will help you strengthen your legs and arm muscles, improve your motor skills, improve focus and concentration, and gets your heart pumping. What’s more; you don’t need a big space or a big upfront expense for this.

How To Stay Active

  1. Lift weights

You don’t need large weight lifting equipment to bulk up and lose unwanted body fats. Just acquire dumbbells and kettlebells and hit the ground running. If you are new to this, check out online tutorials for at-home dumbbell workouts. If you don’t have the budget for dumbbells or if it is impossible for you to shop for them right now, you can lift anything in the house or backyard, including bricks or small logs of wood.

How To Stay Active

  1. Do household jobs

If you want a home remodeling or a simple renovation, do some maintenance work around the home. Try dusting and vacuuming every two days. Sweep the walkways and the driveway. Wash your car by hands, ensuring that you are vigorous while at it. Cut the grass using a push lawn mower. Anything to improve your living environment while helping you to exercise your whole body.

  1. Jogging

Jog up and down your apartment stairs. If you are allowed to jog outside, go ahead and do it but be cautious not to catch the coronavirus. Gear up properly with a mask and gloves, avoid group jogging for now, and be careful to not touch your face after touching outdoor surfaces.  If you can afford a treadmill, this is the time to acquire one for your indoor running needs.

hiking in the nature

  1. Hiking

For people living in rural areas or sparsely populated towns, hiking in the woods is a great way to burn those calories. It is also a good form of social distancing unless there are too many hikers at one given time.

How To Stay Active

  1. Biking

Again, if your local guidelines allow it, biking is also a great form of cardio exercise. Grab your electric bike and take a bike tour around your neighborhood. Or if you can afford a stationary bike, by all means, order one.


How To Stay Active

Without gym instructors breathing down your neck, it is up to your own discipline and commitment to get active and achieve your desired fitness levels. It is up to you to make the time, set your goals, and be accountable to yourself. It is not going to be easy at first, but you will get used to it with a little more desire and persistence.

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