How to use public transport in order to get to the Zagreb airport?

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How to use public transport in order to get to the Zagreb airport “Franjo Tuđman”?

One of the most frequently asked questions for tourists staying in Croatia is how to easily get to the Zagreb airport “Franjo Tuđman”.  Of course there are always various options such as taxi service or arranged transport, but it should be taken into consideration that most tourists are on a budget. Some tourists sometimes aren’t too thrilled when it comes to expensive rides and are looking for more budget friendly options. Having in mind that tourists don’t know the language spoken in the country that they’re visiting, they can’t be sure whether they are paying for the services of transport more than the locals.

Zagreb Airport

In order to make it easier for their travels and to get them first hand information I have
decided to test the public transport ride on a relation Zagreb-Airport Velika Gorica. For those seeking to go for the cheaper way I recommend taking that line because it’s cheap, fast and the ride is relatively short. The line is 290 and it takes passengers from “Kvaternik square” (Kvaternikov trg) to the airport and then continues to the Velika Gorica.
This is the best option because the bus takes you right in front of the airport and you don’t
have to walk a lot which is very practical if you’re having a lot of luggage or traveling with
kids. The bus ride operates twice in an hour so it’s good to keep in mind the time of

 4 kunas for the bus ticket. Only.

After you’ve set the time of your departure you need to come to the “Kvaternik square”
(Kvaternikov trg), place where the bus ride starts under the number 290. In order to make it easier for you, I’ve counted the stations. If you’re taking off from “Kvaternik square”
(Kvaternikov trg) you’ll ride through 15 stations which take about 25-30 minutes, depending on traffic. Of course it’s desirable to take the bus earlier to avoid potencial traffic jams or unpredictable circumstances such as bad weather, accidents or road works.
The price of the ticket is 4 kunas and you can buy it on every newsstand. The ticket is in pink color and is valid for one way which is more than enough for your ride to the airport since it lasts for 30 minutes. The ticket with 30 minutes time limit works in each zone, so you will need 2 of those tickets – one for the Zagreb zone and the other for the Velika Gorica zone. In case of not being able to buy the ticket or you simply forgot, you can also buy it from the bus driver, but in that case, the price of the ticket is 6 kunas and is in yellow color. If you compare these prices with the ones from other world capitals you can see that this option is one of the cheapest, so you won’t feel significant amount budget wise.

Zagreb airport

Buy it at the Tisak newsstand

The paper ticket can be used only on the ticket machine next to the driver and there is also
the electronic card which can be used on both ticket machines that are in the bus. The
electronic card costs 10 kunas and you can add specific amounts of money on it, starting
from 30 kunas on “Tisak” newsstands.

How to use public transport to Zagreb airport? Simple, cheap and fast.

The bus stop at the aiport is located beside the road across the parking lot.

Information about the time schedule of the “ZET” line 290 which transports passengers on
relation “Kvaternik square” – Airport is linked here.

Original text by Marina Jaksic

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