Istria has been named the best olive oil region in the world

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The world’s best region for the extra virgin olive oil

For the sixth year in a row Istria has been named the best olive region in the world. In the twelfth edition of Flos Olei 2021, among the olive oil producers known as the bible for extra virgin olive oils, we, Meneghetti olive oils, are at the top of the list. Each award is a kind of recognition where our exceptional effort and top quality products are greatly valued, which greatly promote Croatian and Istrian gastronomy on the world stage.

Istrian liquid gold

Istria olive oil

“Olea prima omnium arborum est” (Columnella 4 – 70 BC)

The symbol of strength, peace, loyalty and fidelity has always been the centre of attention because of its importance and has been treated with great respect. There are countless legends, stories and anecdotes related to the queen of the Mediterranean. In the Bible it is regularly mentioned, the winners at the Olympics wore olive wreaths on their heads and it is on the flag of the United Nations. Thanks to the Greek colonies and the Roman Empire, the olive trees also found its place in Istria. Since the time of ancient Istria, olive oil from the so-called “Golden Triangle” was considered among the most celebrated and the best in the entire Mediterranean and as such was greatly intended for the Roman Emperor. Such a privilege has given an additional stimulus to the inhabitants of Istria to pass on their passion and knowledge towards olive oil production to their future generations.

Our Story

Meneghetti Olive Oil

Our story continued the work of Mr. Meneghetti, who since the mid-19th century delighted the officers and soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Royal and Imperial Navy with his oil and wine. Despite the first frost in 2001 almost completely ruined our great effort, our love of olives prevailed. Thanks to the frost, we have further learned how to treat this timid and beautiful plant. We have restored existing trees, raised new plantations, and further protected it from possible weather conditions. For this reason, every year olives are providing to us rich and quality yields, and in return, they only asked us to turn their fruits into a precious gourmet delight with imperial treatment.

Hotel Meneghetti

Meneghetti Olive oil varieties

As one of the most widespread varieties in the world, Italian leccino has adapted superbly to the Istrian climate and at Stancija Meneghetti it is further enriched by the quality, freshness and specialty of its characteristics. The oil is dark green, full of flavor, mild bitterness and piquancy. Depending on the time of harvest, leccino can be extremely fresh, fruity scent, but also mild taste, sweet rounded, without a more strongly expressed aroma. It’s a great match to all the light dishes.

Rosulja or rošinjola is a local variety that is recognized in southern Istria as an excellent oil with intense aroma with notes of medium-ripe tomato, artichoke, lettuce and dried fruit. The characteristic of this oil is a distinct but moderate piquancy and bitterness. The fine and strong taste of rosulja is enriched with an admixture of healing herbs. The oil is clear, intensely golden yellow with green tones. It pairs well with oily fish, meat and venison.

Istrian bjelica as an indigenous variety in Istria and Kvarner is characterized by strong piquancy and bitterness. The oil is golden green, the scent is reminiscent of mowed grass, while the taste varies between olive fruit, almonds and wild asparagus and radicchio. Because of its characteristic taste, it is best served with red meat dishes and hard ripe cheeses.

Istria olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil “Izbor” is produced from the autochthonous Istrian buža, the most widespread variety in Istria. Depending on the harvest period, buža can be medium to strong fruity. The oil is a clear, intensely golden yellow green light and is characterized by a balance of bitterness, piquancy and long-lasting smell and taste. It will find his place in all the dishes.

2020 olive harvest

Meneghetti Hotel pool

In October we will be delighted to head to our olive grove to turn its fruits into precious liquid. Our colleagues, as a perfectly trained orchestra, will diligently pick and take the olives to a nearby mill where in a few hours they will turn into a superb delicacy. According to the initial estimate, this year olive oils should outperform the previous ones. If we just remember that not so long ago we received the “L’Extravergine” award for the best oil in the world in the category “Olive oil intensely fruity aroma”, this year we will further raise that scale. New oils also bring new challenges to our professional chefs. Whether you’re having lunch at our cosy open air restaurant, Oliveto Restaurant & Lounge bar, dinner at fine dining Michelin recommended Meneghetti Restaurant or want to dine in your own residence or villa with a loved one, our olive oils will follow you, as the premium service complements the premium product.

For the next year Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery is already preparing various delicacies for you!

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