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Jungfrau Region

Jungfrau Region

The Jungfrau region encompasses several mountains – Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau – that dominate the entire area. Beneath the four-thousand-meter-high peaks lie three ski regions connected amongst themselves through the valleys by trains and cable cars. In the ski world, however, the most famous ski resort has always been Lauberhorn, located between Wengen (1230 m) and Grindelwald (1034 m).


Train lines

Train lines run from both locations to the top of the plateau and the Kleine Scheidegg station. The ride from Wengen takes approximately 25 minutes, and sometimes even more, due to the crowds. Because of the height and breath-taking views from above, many non-skiers desire to reach the top, which is why they use the Männlichen cable car from Wengen that leads to just one out of many views’ sites.

Although it seems complicated to navigate through the system of cable cars connected as well by trains, most skiers adapt quickly. Beginners and advanced skiers love these trails because on the plateau they are very well maintained and are generally not too steep. Being wide and following the long line above the woods and beneath the high cliffs of the Eiger (3970 m), they are ideal for carving.

Beautiful trails

The most beautiful trails descend from the top of the Honegg and Männlichen cable cars to Grindelwald and are about eight kilometres long. On the other side of the village, there is another beautiful ski resort – First, with the highest cable car Oberjoch (2500 m). The trail from that peak is 12 kilometres long and it leads directly to Grindelwald.

Snowboarden im Skigebiet Grindelwald-First. Aufgenommen am 15.02.2017 in Grindelwald ©David Birri

Lauterbrunnen (796 m) is the third ski resort there. It is connected by a mountain train that runs to Wengen on one side and Stechelberg on the other. From the resort itself, the Muerrenbahn cable car also runs directly from the centre of the resort towards Grütschalp, from where, by mountain railway, it is connected to Mürren. The Schlithorn cable car system, with its highest peak Piz Gloria (2971 m), is located just above the resort.

The three most famous locations around the ski resort differ immensely amongst themselves.


Grindelwald is located between two ski resorts. It offers the most beautiful view of the northern side of the Eiger, known for its demanding climb and the many lives lost by climbers in an attempt to conquer the peak following this trail. It is also the largest town here in which tourism flourishes all year round, and numerous tourists arrive from as many as seventy countries. Apart from the railway, one can arrive here by car.

Thanks to World Ski Cup races, Wengen is the most famous place in the region.

Although big races are organized here, this alpine village is a picturesque location that emits exclusivity from its every pore imprinting its visitors’ memories for eternity. It is famous, but not as expensive and elite as St. Moritz or Gstaad.

The location can only be reached by train from the valley in Lauterbrunnen, so there are no cars there. One should be bear in mind that in high season, the lines for the train can take up to one hour of waiting. The village was built around the mountain train station that runs from Wengen towards the ski resort and Jungfraujoch. Next to the Trümmelbach cable car, the finish line of one of the most famous downhill skiing races, the Lauberhorn, is located.

Mürren (1634 m.), just like Wengen, is an alpine village located high in the mountain, where beautiful views of the giants of the Jungfrau massif present themselves. The village is connected to civilization only by mountain railway. One can ski at the local Schilthorn ski resort easily reached by cable cars. It is possible to reach the ski resorts above Wengen and Grindelwald on skis but to do so a combination of train, cable car, and ski bus will need to be exercised. Mürren is known for the largest offer of luxury chalets in the region and is considered the most fashionable centre of the region.

Jungfraujoch Sphinx

It is a special experience to take the train to Jungfraujoch and get off at the Top of Europe train station at 3454 meters above the sea level. The popular “Sphinx” is one of the most famous alpine facilities because of its space shuttle appearance, due to which it seems to be descending into the icy sea of ​​surrounding glaciers. The mountain railway departs from the Kleine Scheidegg station (2061 m), connected by trains from Wengen and Grindelwald. Through a 7-kilometre-long tunnel, the train arrives at the location of the highest railway station in Europe.

There is a plan to open a V-train and a cable car connecting the Grindelwald Terminal and the Eigergletscher for the ski season (2020 / 2021). To enhance the ski season and ensure promising results during the same, the organisation of the Lauberhorn Ski Race and the Glühwein Festival was planned. The realization of both projects now depends on the further development of the pandemic situation. Jungfrau Region is a great choice for a winter vacation.

Inferno is the most popular amateur ski race in the Alps. On the 15.8-kilometer-long track, more than 1.800 skiers have been competing freestyle to reach the finish line first ever since 1928.

Eleven mountain trains connect Mürren, Wengen, and Grindelwald with ski resorts. The stations are located at altitudes from 796 meters to 3454 meters above sea level.

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