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Mölltaler Glacier

Mölltaler is the southernmost glacier in the Austrian Alps

The Mölltal Glacier is the only glacier on the southern side of the Alps and the only one located in Carinthia. It was renovated in 1983 and is the youngest glacial ski resort. Two lifts and a gondola cable car were set up during that renovation. Until 1997, the ski resort was open only during summer and autumn because the road to Lake Stuebeleseea is at 2,200 meters was cut off the rest of the year. Due to that, in that year (1997), a 4.8-kilometer sub-mountain train line was opened, which goes to the lower gondola station, and since then the ski resort has been open all year round. The upper gondola station is 2,800 meters away.

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What does the Glacier offer?

Today, Mölltaler ski resort has nine cable cars, 17.4 kilometres of ski trails, 7 kilometres of FIS competition trails and trails for perfecting carving techniques, while in the summer over ten hiking tours of various difficulty are organized. FIS tracks are the most interesting for those who are fit and in training, but also for those who strive for new sports achievements.

Thanks to the abundance of snow, the mountains around the Mölltaler glacier are ideal for free-riders who will find great conditions there. The route from Schareck, Wurtenkees, and steep slopes all the way to Sportgastein is a great adventure in the Eastern Alps, but please do not forget that safety should always come first.

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Nearby is Glaspalast where you can find the Eissee. It looks like a glass palace, and it is a special experience to have breakfast at 2,800 meters. You can arrive from the restaurant to the beginning of the ski lifts through an easy trail about a hundred meters long. The modern six-seater and two-seater drive to the top of Shareck and the altitude of 3,122 meters. The trails are mostly easy, and the black trail number 4 is especially good. There are two descents from the restaurant to the middle station. Black is more demanding, while red is slightly easier. In summer, the snow can be too wet, so descending is not recommended, except in the early morning.

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Modest nightlife

Return to the valley is possible only by train. Après ski is modest because the lifts close as early as 5 p.m. At the lower station of the gondola is a typical Austrian Jodel Schirmbar where you can hop drinking local brandy to the music of DJ Oetzi. There is a slightly better Mölli bar In the valley. The rest of the valley is mostly gastronomically uninteresting. Several inns and restaurants are located in nearby Flattach and Malnitz, where both hotels and apartments are located. Hotels like Duisburger and Weißseehaus offer local food. Goldgräber as well, but it is only open during the summer season, and the Europabar is ideal for après ski.

Sports facilities offer

In order not to spend the entire winter holidays only skiing, Mölltal offers the possibility of observing animals in their natural habitats through hiking trips. All age groups can have fun with sledding, skating, and a curling tournament. Cross-country skiing can be practiced as well. To enjoy around the Flattach region, it is advisable to rent a bicycle. By doing so,  you can choose between a more leisurely ride, a long ride to the Adriatic coast, or a mountain-view ride that will take you to cosy alpine inns.

© Tourismusgemeinschaft Mölltaler Gletscher – Flattach

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