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Safest Transportation Means when Traveling

Safest Transportation Means when Traveling

When changing your location or going to a new country, either for a short term or long term, one of the primary considerations would be the safest transportation. First, you should consider what means to employ while traveling, and next, you have to consider your mobility while in your new country. In deciding your means of transportation, safety should be your top priority. This article will give you a list of the top safest means of transport you can consider for your next trip. The list provided is based on the information and statistical reports from different sources on the frequency of accidents and fatalities when traveling.


While most accidents are fatal with airplanes or other forms of aircraft, these accidents rarely happen. It may come as a shock to many that this is the safest means of transportation, mainly due to the attention and publicity given to airplane accidents when they occur. Traveling by air is one of the fastest and comfortable means of transportation, though more expensive than many other forms of transportation. It might as well be your only option when you are traveling overseas.


Buses are a lot safer than other means of road transportation. However, you may not want to take this option if you have a very long journey to make. There are different kinds of buses to take if you consider this means, your choice should be based on the distance to cover and the amount of luggage you have to carry. There are several restrictions to traveling by bus, especially when moving across countries, which may influence your decision. It is, however, ideal for inter-state commute or moving around within a country.

Asides from being very safe, using buses for transportation has to be one of the cheapest options you may ever get with transportation. They are also great options when you have so much luggage to transport, and it is ranked the second safest means of transportation on our list.


Going forth post-pandemic, one must take caution on exposure in public places. If you can avoid using public transport, you should do so for safety’s sake. One way to achieve this will be by using a private car. It may be a little challenging buying a personal vehicle in a foreign country, but you can always rent one for temporary use. However, you have to get an international driving permit to drive around in a foreign country. You can get an international driver license from your home country or in your destination country. Companies are available that render services in helping foreigners acquire their driver’s permit, which you can use in other countries. The process is rather simple and easy and having this document will make your trip even safer and entertaining.


Traveling by train is not so popular due to the train system in many countries, but it is one of your best bets when you can get it. If you are lucky enough to be going to a country with a developed train transport system, covering most locations, you may want to try a train transport system to move around. With recent upgrades on railways and trains, you can now get trains that travel even faster than buses or other road transport forms. Due to the large size of trains, it is very comfortable and suitable for transporting weighty luggage and goods. More often than not, accidents recorded by trains are often from trespassers on the rail tracks rather than commuters on the train.

Sea Transportation

Traveling using boats and other forms of sea transportation is very safe and ranks just after train transportation. Many upgrades are now being made to ships and ferries to improve safety, especially during the pandemic. Cruise lines implemented new policies for routine cleaning and boarding of fewer passengers to ensure safety relating to the pandemic. You may want to note that over 90% of boat accidents recorded are from recreational activities rather than boats used for conveying people and goods from one place to another.

In conclusion, traveling and transportation means are gradually changing by technological inputs and now by the pandemic outbreak. However, one thing has remained constant- people need to be sure of their safety and security while traveling. While it may be impossible to eliminate the risks of traveling, one can take proper precautions by choosing the safest means of transportation while traveling.

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