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The most magical places to visit for the trip of a lifetime

The most magical places to visit for the trip of a lifetime


We all want to experience a little magic when traveling the world. That’s why we have to be sure to make the right choices when we are planning for a trip. Inform yourself; look through travel blogs, local guides, and more before even coming close to deciding where you will go. Sort your locations in a tier list, categorizing them by the number of magical places in them. Sort your locations by quantity (which one has more) and quality (which you consider the most magical of them all). The most important thing is what this place will make you feel, what kind of charm it will bring to your mind, and how it will change your perspective about the trip. Here we are going to share some beautiful places you can visit and see the most magical things.

A list of places to visit


This amazing city in Colombia is one of the most magical in Latin America and even worldwide. You can visit many locations, discover and get fascinated by them, and know the country’s culture. You can go to many beautiful places like parks, the cities’ main avenue, and the leather street, which holds an old charm between all the noise and hassle from constructions and vehicles. Another option, if you are adventurous, is to find the magic within nature. If you find this idea amusing, it is best to visit places like the Zipaquirá salt minds and the mountain of Monserrat. The mines hold a busy and otherworldly vibe that mixes with the excitement of going deep under the ground. As a bonus, they let you take pieces of salty rocks as souvenirs for free! On the other hand, the mountain will take you into a high thin air experience, that will be rewarded with discovering a unique little town; and a dazzling and magical view. You can also walk on the Bolivar squad and see the most famous cathedrals.


Capo Cod – Photo by Kevin Long on Unsplash

Massachusetts can be a genuinely magical place, with its colonial buildings, Native American background, and of course, the iconic Cape Cod, which finds itself on the farthest northeast limit of the state. The Cape gives melancholic magic, and some needed solitude to the experience. At the same time, you’ll be far away from everything else. Therefore, it is a great idea to look for Cape Cod vacation rentals and find your perfect place to stay. Try to find a place that enhances the whole experience’s magic—something like an old house, comfy shed, or colonial building. You could also make a road trip to Santarella’s Gingerbread House and remember, discover, and enjoy a fairy tale experience inside the 21st century. If you have kids, make sure you take them with you, they’ll finally see a house made out of sweets. What’s more magical than that? While in Tyringham you can also visit the Ashintully Gardens. The beautiful plants and insects set up a visual and audible atmosphere that is deeply enchanting.


Located in Florida, this theme park is where dreams are made. You can get to know the fantastic and magical creatures you know and love from the classic animated movies and TV series. You can also enjoy magic dreams and food, and buy merchandise that is exclusive to the park. But definitively, the most enchanting will be waiting for you inside the rides, carousels, and shows. They will bring all your dreams and expectations into a reality. You will want to document such a fairytale-like experience, such as writing a song or even producing one using music software. This way, you can always have a piece of this beautiful memory together with you.

Final word

Photo by Eilis Garvey on Unsplash

In conclusion, think about what makes a place magical to you, and begin from there. Once you settle on the type of experience you want to have, make a list and sort it out until you get an ideal location. You can visit Bogota’s architectural and natural wonders. And lastly, the cinematic and unique experience of Disneyworld can make your brightest illusions come true. Don’t forget that magic experiences depend on your emotional state, be happy; you’re abroad!

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