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Going Somewhere? Travel in Style with These Tips

Going Somewhere? Travel in Style with These Tips

Traveling is fun. From waking up to new settings, exploring landscapes you’ve only studied in school, meeting new people to seeing views you’ve only seen in movies- everything about traveling is amazing! The world is incredibly magical and every living being should travel and experience this magic at least once in their lifetime.

That being said, traveling can be quite demanding. For example, when we travel, we represent not only ourselves but also our home countries, our national pride, our cultural identity, and our heritage. How the outside world sees us shapes its perception of our home countries. It is, therefore, paramount to give the best possible first impression wherever you go. You should ensure that you’re well-groomed, clean, and super classy every time. You need to always travel in style, whether you’re backpacking in South America, going on an African Safari, or on a desert camping trip in the Middle East.

To help you travel in style, here are 7 tips that you must always keep in mind:

Dress sharply and comfortably

You ooze confidence and positivity when you dress well- the world opens its arms for confident and positive people.

How do you strike the right balance of sharpness and comfort when traveling? Here’s are a few suggestions:

  • During your flight, be sure to wear something that’s friendly to your skin- nothing that pinches or rubs. Also, find a shirt and pants (or dress) that are breathable and that have a tiny bit of stretch in them (notably cotton and wool).
  • Pack a few shirts that stay tucked and a few that you can wear un-tucked. That way, you’ll always have something to wear during your trip, whether you’re going to a business meeting or taking an evening walk.
  • Bring some classic clothes too- these will always look classy and fashionable. By classic here we mean dark-colored pants or skirts and light-colored shirts. When stepping out for dinner or an evening walk, the classic denim trousers, white T-shirt or soft sweaters, and a sports shoe combo will never disappoint.
  • In case you didn’t pack enough clothes to bring out the look that you’re looking for when on the road, it is important to bring some jewelry. You can bet on jewelry to inject elegance and fashion into a simple outfit.
  • Always be mindful of the weather. Because you can never be sure of what the weather will be during your trip, be sure to pack a couple of soft sweaters, a raincoat, rain boots, sneakers, a pair of penny loafers, and a heavy sweater.

Bottom line: Pack clothes and shoes that are both versatile, comfortable, and perfect for pairing with the outfits you wish to pull during the trip, day or night.


Mind your luggage

The size of your luggage will depend on multiple factors such as the length of stay, the nature of your trip, and the weather conditions in your destination. If you will be hiking during your trip, for example, you will need a bigger backpack for your hiking gear, something you might not need when on a business trip. Everything being constant, though, you must always remember to pack as lightly and compactly as possible. Here are a few pointers that you will find useful:

  • When packing, be prepared for any weather eventualities but remember to be mindful of luggage limits when flying. You can, for example, wear your heavy sweater and boots to the airport in order to keep the luggage light. You can always remove them when on board.
  • If you have a lot to pack, bring a wheeled case as opposed to a backpack- you know how convenient they are to move around. Besides, you can always count on their old-school, classic charm to add style to your trip.
  • If you don’t have much to pack, bring a holdall that’s small enough to qualify as a carry-on but large enough for your essentials. While at it, ensure that it is stylish and elegant too.
  • Don’t wear a belt to the airport- this will save you from taking it off during customs searches.
  • Pack smartly. Your handheld devices, reading material, and travel documents stay at the top of your bag. You don’t want to unpack your whole luggage searching for them.

Remember: Never leave open bags or abandon your luggage when on the road. You cannot be too careful in a foreign land.

Go big with accessories and jewelry

We already mentioned that jewelry can inject elegance even into a simple outfit. Why not go big with simple but stylish additions such as a stylish spectacle case, wallet case, and phone case. Also, it helps to bring your A-game with your jewelry (we’re talking classy rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.) and watch in order to jazz up your appearance and express your personality.

Work on your hair game

Traveling can mess up your hair, particularly due to all the intense wind, sun, and grime that you have to contend with along the way. The air in a plane can also be too dry for your hair because the AC is mostly running. That’s why, for most travelers, their hair is either too dry or too greasy on the road.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can keep your hair relatively clean and nice during your trip by choosing a hairstyle that secures your hair and keeps it out of the way during the journey. Some of the hairstyles that you can trust to keep your hair clean and nice include French braids, top knots for your locks, fishtail braids, and side ponytails.


On top of being chic, simple, easy maintenance, and reliable, these hairstyles can easily be undone the moment you arrive at your destination. You can then visit a local salon to get the hairstyle that you desire to pamper yourself and get your class back after a long flight.

Bring your pocket cosmetics

Cosmetics are important when traveling for their moistening & refreshment benefits. But that doesn’t mean you should bring a ton of unnecessary cosmetics that will fill up your bag, only for you to end up not using most of them. Less is more when you have limited space. That is why you should shop for pocket cosmetics- they’re stylish, versatile, and easy to carry around. We are talking about a mini face cream (that can be used as a hand cream as well), a mini body mist, a mini moisturizing lip balm, and a mini toothpaste. These pocket cosmetics enable you to neaten yourself up quickly and conveniently during your trip.

Eat healthy food and take lots of healthy drinks

Bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go. You will be hydrated throughout your trip for one, plus you will save yourself a few bucks. You won’t need to buy the overpriced water they sell at most tourist attraction sites. While at it, pack foods that are high in nutrients and odorless. You don’t want to make people uncomfortable. Think in the lines of dried fruit, covered nuts, low-cleanup fruit, and sealed meats to eat when on transit. Remember to bring some wet wipes for cleaning up after yourself.

Stay healthy and fresh

Eating healthy foods is a sure way of staying healthy and fresh. However, you’ll still need to come prepared with an emergency kit as a precaution. Have some band-aids, Aspirin or Ibuprofen, a needle and thread, and plastic tweezers, among other items that you may find useful during an emergency.

Did you pack the mini toothbrush we recommended earlier? If you did, be sure to brush at least twice a day (just as many times as you should shower).

Final word

Lastly, remember to bring a few audiobooks and podcasts to keep you engaged during the trip. Staying engaged is one sure way of keeping your spirits high when traveling, which by extension enhances your style.

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