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Why Saudi Arabia is a must visit Destination

Why Saudi Arabia is a must visit Destination

Saudi Arabia comes across as a conservative country and has been off-limits to a considerable population of international tourists due to its stringent rules and regulations. Despite reeling from the attacks characterized by missile and drone strikes on its oil industry, it still has a long way to go given its negative human rights with the country’s top brass coming under fire for the assassination of their journalist and vocal critic, Jamal Khashoggi.

Why Saudi Arabia?

Despite the US State Department’s warning on terrorism, drone and missile strikes on individuals, Saudi Arabia still fights to restore the remaining remnants if its image by boosting its tourism campaigns, relaxing of its rules and introduction of Saudi Arabia e-visa.

Despite the setbacks, Saudi Arabia still comes across as one of the favorite tourism destinations through intensified government lobbying and tourism promotions. To attest to this, here are just some of the few places that make this place a must-visit destination.

Al Ula Ruins

 Not only is it known as the best destination in Saudi Arabia, but its northwestern part is also a haven for golden rock formations and ample citrus farms. The area also houses several ancient kingdoms, the most famous one being Mada’in Saleh. However, the area remains closed tourists until the end of 2020 in light of a project preparing them for a high number of tourists.


 Once your e-visa Saudi Arabia gets approved, make sure you make your way to the Maldives. Known as the Maldives of Saudi Arabia by locals, the pristine island nears the town of Al Wajh and Umluj, which are also partially off-limits due to the government tourism project referred to as the Red Sea project. Despite the restriction, the turquoise water, and the coral reef are worth your time, and it pays to have a local fisherman tour you around.

Despite its simple infrastructure and superior hospitality that is second to none, some restrictions abound, particularly for individual women travelers. They are required to be accompanied by a male relative and dress modestly, although this changes to bikinis once they hit the water. Despite easing up on women drivers and traveling abroad without male permission, expect a few hiccups ones in a while.

King Abdulaziz Camel Festival

One of the things that definitely attracts tourists and an exemplification of the Saudi Arabia culture, is the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival. The festival itself is a 28-day marathon on camels. The owners of camels join the marathon from all over Saudi Arabia and they race along with other 20-100 other camels. What makes this festival so entertaining, interesting, challenging is the fact that the winner wins a prize of $30 million dollars.

Mountainous South Region

 The southern region of Asir is miles away from its dusty capital of Riyadh. The rainstorms enhance the greenery of the mountainous region in summer with popular activities in this region being hiking. The historic Rijal Alma village is also an attractive sight for touring visitors.

However, it’s essential to check the security situation before traveling to such an area. Abha, the main city in this region, is around 71 miles from where the Saudi –led coalition is waging war on the Yemeni backed Houthi rebels. Cases of international tourists being killed or wounded in Yemeni drone strikes at Abha international airport are rife. Despite such happenings, a recent event drawing foreign and domestic tourists took place without any incidents.

The Eastern Oasis

 Al Ahsa oasis comes across as the perfect place to explore the kingdom’s culture that varies across different regions. A quick flight from Riyadh or a train ride to the east ensures you enjoy the trappings of what Al Ahsa offers. The nearest urban center, Hofuf, can be used as a base in the exploration of different sites such as Al Qarrah caves which provides coolness during the summer.

Land of the Future

 It is also known as Neom. Based on the Northwest part of the country, King Salman intends to turn it into a $500 billion project. Despite analysts and critics term the project as not being viable, Tabuk region comes across as a place fancied by domestic tourists. Arrangements are also in the pipeline to cater to the needs of adventure lovers.

Among the site to mention here is Wadi Tayib Ism a valley between two cliffs where it believed that Moses set foot after crossing the sea from Egypt.


Why Saudi Arabia?  Despite its on-going Saudi-led coalition war and the negativity that surrounds the kingdom’s human rights, it’s worth noting that acquiring your Saudi Arabia e-visa leads to a world never before seen and beyond your wildest imaginations. There’s only one way to find out what lies beyond. Take that leap of faith, and you’ll experience the unimaginable wonders.

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