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15 packing tricks

Having these 15 packing tricks will help you hold things together and prepare for your trip easier.

1.Roll your clothes. This will save a lot of space. Try rolling outfits together for easy grab and dress.

2.To save even more space use packing cubes and compression bags.

3.Cover your raiser with a binder clip.

4.Use old tic-tac containers for packing small items.

5.Pack a first aid kit, make sure to pack plenty of bandages in case of blisters.

6.Use a sunglasses case to store earbuds and charging cables.

7.A pill container can be used to sort and store jewelry.

8.You can also buy some small press and seal baggies and put each peace of jewelry in its own baggie.

9.If you are on a short trip fill an old contact lens case with your foundation or moisturizer.

10.To protect wine bottles in suitcases, wrap them in clothes or pool floaties.

11.Pack one full outfit and any essentials ( prescription medication, contacts, sunglasses) in your carry on in case your luggage is lost.If you are going on Beach vacation make sure to pack a swimsuit in carry on.

12.Place a cotton pad in your blush, shadow, or powder compact to ensure that it won’t break while traveliing.

13.To prevent bottles from leaking in your luggage, place plastic wrap between the mouth of the container and the cap. Screw cap on tight.

14.If you are trying to pack lite then pack all neutral colored clothing  that can be mixed and matched. Add a few bright scarves or jewelry items to add color.

15.Bring a large ziplock bag or other waterproof bag to store damp swimsuits or toiletries in.

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