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Bavarian best tourist cities

 Bavarian best tourist cities


Bavaria has an abundant and significant history. The Free State (Freistatt) to this day plays an important role in the business and cultural life not just of Germany but of Europe at large.

Bavaria is quite large and has a large population (close to 13 million), with a lot to offer from the Alps to the Danube.

Bavaria is the most visited state in Germany, and tourism its most significant branch of economy, with a lot to offer. The Alps and the national parks in the south and protected areas guarantee intact nature. The city of Munich is a world metropolis in every sense of the word, but there are also baroque cities, castles, over 1,200 museums, theaters and operas… and plenty more offered by Bavaria, encouraging visits at any time of the year. Bavaria is visited annually by about 8 million tourists. According to statistics, Germany is the second most popular destination in Europe, after Spain. Bavarian hosts are kind and meticulous. Almost everyone speaks English. People in stores, post offices, train conductors and everyone else in contact with tourists speaks English well.

Bavarian best tourist cities

For this trip I chose three jewels on the rivers, and it’s hard for me to say which one is more beautiful. Bavaria and tourism are synonymous.

These cities – Passau, Regensburg and Bamberg – prove it.

Passau is a city on three rivers, Dreifluesselstadt, because of the confluence of the Danube, Inna and Ilza rivers. The peninsula on which the old town is located is wonderfully decorated, with little restaurants and souvenir shops at every corner. There are plenty of tourists, mostly arriving from river cruisers and staying only for half a day. Right before sunset, the city is suddenly vacated, which makes this the best time for a walk. The cathedral is home to the biggest organ in Europe, and you can listen to a concert in it every day at noon. Passau video.

Regensburg is a larger city (population of about 150,000). The old town core is under UNESCO protection. A stroll through its cobbled streets is reason enough to visit. On one side the Danube and the old stone bridge, on the other side parks and avenues delimit the old part of town. Stores, restaurants and small shops are all beautifully furnished and inviting. Particularly grandiose is the palace of the counts von Thurn und Taxis who have been living there for centuries, and are to this day one of the more powerful families of Bavaria. The park surrounding the castle is the perfect place for a stroll. Countess Gloria is very active on the European social scene. Regensburg video.

Bamberg is not on the Danube but rather by the Maine, and may be the most beautiful of the three cities. It is one of the few cities that did not take a hit during the bombing so that is one of the reasons. The old part of town is also under UNESCO protection. Because of its location on seven hills, it is also often called the Franconian Rome. Colorful houses along the river provided it with the moniker Little Venice. It had a bad reputation in the Middle Ages because of the infamous law adopted in the 17th century on the free burning of women suspected of witchcraft. Nowadays, the town is full of tourists wandering the meandering streets, looking for the famous Bamberg smoked beer. Bamberg video.

Bavarian best tourist cities can be some others but for me those three are most beautiful.

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