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Guide To Italian Pastries-make it a great road trip

Italian Pastries

Italy’s equivalent of the Michelin Guide, The Gambero Rosso, released its 2017 listings and awarded 18 pastry shops the prestigious “Tre Torte.”

This will guide you to 18 of the best places to experience classic Italian desserts across the country. Whether you are looking for the best tiramisu or the smoothest panna cotta, you won’t be disappointed with any of these amazing pastry shops!

The Tre Torte is the Italian pastry equivalent of Michelin’s three stars.

Four new pasticcerias were awarded the honor this year. One of last years slipped in rankings.

Highest-ranking pasticceria in 2017.  is the Pasticceria Veneto, in Brescia. It’s about one hour from Milan. The shop has been helmed by renowned pastry chef Iginio Massari since 1971. He has is the winner of more than 300 pastry competitions. He is also one of the judges on Italy’s MasterChef.  His sponge cakes and panettone are famous worldwide.

The remaining 17 pasticcerias are spread alaround the country. From Brunico near the Austrian border all the way down to Sicily. Road trip to visit them sound like a good idea.

The best new pastry shop is La Pâtisserie des Rêves, a Parisian shop which opened  in Milan this year.  Corsino Bakery in Syracuse, Sicily was given an award for “Taste and Health” for its completely gluten-free menu.

The Pasticceri & Pasticcerie Guide is listed below, and they all really deserve a visit:

1. Pasticceria Veneto, Brescia
2. Dalmasso, Avigliana
3. Maison Manilia, Montesano sulla Marcellana
4. Besuschio, Abbiategrasso
5. Gino Fabbri Pasticcere, Bologna
6. Acherer, Brunica
7. Biasetto, Padua
8. Nuovo Mondo, Prato
9. Pasquale Marigliano, Ottaviano
10. Bompiani, Rome
11. Caffè Sicilia, Noto, Syracuse
12. Cortinovis, Ranica
13. Cristalli di Zucchero, Rome
14. Dolce Reale, Montichiari
15. Ernst K Knam, Milan
16. Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana Pietro Macellaro, Piaggine, Sardinia
17. Rinaldini, Rimini
18. Sal De Riso Costa d’Amalfi, Minori (SA)

When in Rome, eat as the Romans wish they could.



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