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500 years of Chambord

In 2019, the half-millennium of the 1519 commencement of the building of the world’s largest Renaissance château will be celebrated. Awarded a place in 1840 in the first list of historic monuments in France, with the same status as the Louvre and Versailles, and now registered as a UNESCO world heritage site, Chambord’s false symmetry and many unknowns render it the most mysterious of royal palaces. How may such an enigmatic monument be reinterpreted today? How is such a gigantic estate to be conserved? The two questions converge in the celebration of its five centuries of existence following the outset of construction.

500 years later, Chambord continues to arouse admiration and fascination. As attendance soars and self-funding of the National Estate of Chambord progresses apace, major projects remain to be launched so that the visitor may behold a transformed and magnified Chambord.

Ever since 1952, Chambord has been a pioneer in sound and light shows. Illumination is an integral part of its traditions. A new lighting system will elegantly and soberly brighten the night-time monument. While revealing the beauty of the architecture of Chambord, the regularly modulated lighting will fully respect the calm and the nocturnal rest of the fauna inhabiting the estate.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte has been entrusted with construction of the winery, which will represent the first architecture winery in Val de Loire. In addition to so much else, the 500th anniversary is epitomized by the hosting of a contemporary form, an architect winery, located at 1.4 kilometers (less than 1 mile) from the château, of which it offers a privileged view. It is designed to reopen a permanent cycle of renewal, the cycle of life symbolized by wine, the fruit of the earth and a symbol of Chambord right from the outset.


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