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Getting around Cancun


How to move around Cancun

If you ever had a fantasy about Caribbean life, as well as I did, Cancún is the place to be. By being a top tourist destination, this city just doesn’t stop growing. Cancún is located in

Cancún is located in south-east of Mexico in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Until the year of 1970, this tropical paradise was nothing but a wild jungle with unexplored beaches, mangroves, palm trees and crystal clear turquoise sea. Only residents were few people, caretakers of the coconut plantation.

Today, less than 50 years later it grew into one the most popular vacation spots with more than 4.5 million tourists per year.                               


Getting around Cancun

The city is split into two zones, Downtown where the locals live, and the Hotel Zone which is almost entirely built around the tourist industry.

Hotel Zone (also known as Zona Hotelera) stretches through 23km (14 miles) of crystal clear water and sandy Carribean beaches with a full lineup of the biggest all inclusive mega hotels. This entire area is separated from the mainland, connected by two bridges in the North and the South. In the interior, there is a huge lagoon called Nichupté which represents a large area of natural reserve for the mangrove ecosystem as well as a place to practice various activities, such as fishing, kayaking, canoeing, skiing etc. In general, this luxurious tourist zone really gives a wow effect as well it offers a lot of amazing beach activities and its crazy nightlife.

Downtown is a world of its own, here you can find everything you might need, from banks, pharmacies, dentists, car rentals to shops, malls and first class restaurants. This is where you will be pleasantly surprised with very affordable prices. The city is full of small shops and food stands, don’t miss out on trying tacos, quesadillas and other local specialities. If you are looking for a place to buy souvenirs or handicrafts for a very reasonable price, Mercado 28 is a place to go. Almost everywhere outside of the tourist zone is good to know some Spanish but not mandatory.

Overall Cancún is a very safe city, it is easy to move around and people are quite friendly and will help you out in any case.

Petra Stefanović

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