Kochi: what is good to know before visiting

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Kochi: what is good to know before visiting

Kochi is a city in Kerala, India. It’s known for its history and culture, as well as its food and beaches. Also known as Cochin.

Kochi was once the seat of the Kochi Rajas (local rulers) who ruled over the area from 1344 to 1795. The city has many monuments from this period, including forts, palaces, and temples.
Kochi’s history goes back thousands of years – the area was an important trading post for Arab merchants and Chinese traders who used it as a stopover when sailing between China and the Middle East. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive in Kochi in 1498 and they held the city until 1663 when they were ousted by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). The British took over from them in 1795 after winning a battle against Travancore forces.

The best places to visit in Kochi include:

– Mattancherry Palace: This palace was built in 1555 by the Portuguese and is now home to the Archaeological Museum of Kochi. It’s one of India’s oldest museums!


– St Francis Church: Built-in 1503, this church was originally part of an Augustinian monastery. Today it’s known as one of India’s most famous churches—and it’s also a burial site for many famous Christians like Vasco da Gama!

St.Francis church, Kochi

– Ernakulam Market: This market is located in Fort Kochi and is where you’ll find some of the best seafood restaurants in town! Just be sure not to miss out on trying their fish fry on Wednesdays!

spice food

Kochi’s cuisine…

…is influenced by its location between seaports like Mangalore and inland areas like Palakkad which means you’ll find lots of spicy dishes featuring coconut milk. The cuisine in Kochi uses ingredients such as coconut milk and spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg to create dishes that are unique to this region only. Popular dishes include seafood curries cooked with coconut milk or coconut oil while meat curries use ground spices instead of whole ones like most other regions use elsewhere in India.

Kochi was the center of the Indian spice trade for many centuries and was known to the Yavanas (Greeks and Romans) as well as Jews, Arabs, and Chinese since ancient times. Kochi rose to significance as a trading outpost with support from both the Pandyas and later the Samoothiris (Zamorins). The city was divided into three logical areas: Alangarapattinam (the mainland), Kannamaly (the island), and Perumpadappu Swaroopam or Kolattunayakam (the port).

Kochi port
It is a major port facing the Laccadive Sea and is often referred to as the Gateway of Kerala. The city has an international airport at Nedumbassery.

Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a modern city in Kerala, India. It is the commercial hub of Kerala and has a population of over 5 million people.

Modern Kochi

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