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How to Combat Travel Waiting Fatigue

How to Combat Travel Waiting Fatigue


Everybody loves to travel, whether it’s to flop onto the beach and feel the sun beating down on your face, to spend the entire time out of breath going up and down the ski slopes, or to lose yourself in another city or another culture. But there is one universal aspect of travelling that acts as a barrier for many people: waiting around. When you’re travelling, there is undeniably a lot of waiting around. You’re waiting for your luggage to come through, waiting for the transfer transport, waiting for the plane to take off, waiting for your travelling companions. Solving the issue of waiting around could make every single aspect of travelling enjoyable – so, here are some tips on how to do that.

Play While You Wait

Passing the time in the airport doesn’t need to consist of checking through travel documents or attempting to start the book you had earmarked for the first day at the beach. Playing games while you wait can take your mind off any departures and any stress causing by flying while helping you relax into a holiday atmosphere. For example, the Mr Green app consists of more than 300 casino games, as well as slots, live casino and more than 70 sports, which offer players a wide range of experiences to choose from as they wait for their flight, for the transfer, or to sit out delays. Clash Royale gives players a taste of the battle royale craze of gaming, which can involve long campaigns or shorter matches.

Really Bad Chess allows players to hone their chess skills and therefore your transferable skills – and is designed for those who are ‘really bad’ at chess. Gaming can also be a social experience and can be played by everyone in the travel party, to help relax the group and forget about any possible waiting around. Choosing something that offers a wider range is likely to keep your attention as the hours pass by as each different game will reinvigorate you to continue playing as you wait for your travel plans to take off.

Immerse Yourself in Culture

If waiting for your holiday or travel experience is considered part of the fun, then you can always get a head start on immersing yourself in the culture you will soon be exposed to. Whether you’re flying to explore Tenerife, Toronto, or Timbuktu, there are always differences in the way things are done – and said – than you’re used to. Learning a few phrases in a new language could be invaluable to your experience. Even being able to order something in the tongue of the country you’re visiting could result in a pleasant and eye-opening cultural exchange. Not only does it show your willingness to embrace the country you’re visiting, but it shows respect and will be looked upon favourably. Apps such as Duolingo can provide games and exercises from learning the very basics to mastering more complex tenses and sentence structures.

Travelling and going on holiday should be a fun experience – and waiting around can put a dampener on that fun. But, it shouldn’t wash out the entire experience. Waiting around is a crucial part of travelling and helps build up excitement. Plus, by filling the waiting around time to help feel the vibes of going on holiday, you’ll be able to prolong the excitement.

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