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Best places to visit during winter on Côte d’Azur

Best places to visit during winter on Côte d’Azur

From the start, it is important to mention that best places to visit during winter are also worth visiting during summer. There is no difference, except for the fact that during summer some cities tend to get more lively with lot more tourists.

Menton, the first city between the Italian border and Monaco, located on the narrow coastline between the Alpine peaks and the Mediterranean Sea. The Alps begin right about here and they truly make the city for what it is. The subtropical micro climate is very unique with a lot of gardens in the city. In winter, the famous Citrus Festival – La Fete du Citron is organized here and it is packed with tourists and everything is open. Somehow it seems that the place is warmer than elsewhere in the area.

Monaco is perhaps the most luxurious destination on Cote d’Azur. The difference between French cities and Monaco is that everything here is more expensive and exclusive. As an independent state, it has special laws. It’s interesting that the French from Nice go shopping here because they say that food and wine are cheaper. Tourists, the “ordinary” ones, spend half a day or a day in the city and head to Nice.

Nice is the capital of the Côte d’Azur and it truly stands out. Promenade des Anglais is a promenade by the sea which makes almost every postcard cover. The food is a wonderful mix of Italian tradition and new French wave. The seafood specialties and Provence Rosé wine unmistakably go together. The Chagall and Matisse Museums are certainly not the only ones, but the very tip of the cultural offer here. Hotel Negresco is an institution. It’s best to spend at least two days in this beautiful city to see everything.

Antibes is a town located somewhere in the middle between Cannes and Nice. It is known for the most expensive villas behind the high walls where the richest reside. Still, not the only thing worth mentioning. The old town of Antibes, with its narrow winding streets and the Marche Provencal Market really is an experience. The market has all the best to offer, but of course, with the highest prices.

Cannes is like a synonym for luxury, the rich and the famous. Thanks to the film festival, this former small port town has become famous around the world. La Croisette is a promenade that simply has to be walked. Luxury hotels like Martinez, Carlton, Majestic and others on the one hand, and the large sandy beaches on the other, palm trees and flowers along with a really expensive car here and there provide an image of another world. The city is very comfortable to live in so lots of people stay there all year long, same as in Nice.

St.Paul de Vence – A picturesque medieval town, reminding of our Motovun but bigger, is a must-see place. It houses actors and artists, each house is a shop, atelier or a restaurant. A place where thoughts of living there pop up very often. Also, Marc Chagall was buried on the local cemetery.

Eze is located on the hills near Nice. The town offers a magnificent view of “half” of the Azure coast. A special attraction there is Jardin Botanique d’Eze, located in a medieval fort. A wonderful place to stroll along following beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

Auron is a ski resort about eighty miles from the coast. Same as Isola 2000, it is favorite among residents of the province, but 135km of tracks and more red and black tracks makes it more significant. If you can, try and avoid weekends.

Isola 2000 is just an hour and a half drive from Nice. For an ideal winter vacation it would be best to visit Nice or Cannes on weekend, and to ski during week time. It is located in the Mercantour National Park, ideal for families with children. It offers 42 tracks in total.

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