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Island of Vis is an uttmostly unique island in Croatia that you truly must discover

Island of Vis, Croatia

Island of Vis is known for being the furthest inhabited island from the Croatian mainland. Vis and Komiža are its two main towns, connected with 2 roads. The new road is 10km long while the old road, somewhat longer at 18km, has more scenic views and is a better choice for tourists.

Island of Vis is a famous tourist destination, its beautiful beaches, crystal clear (& clean) sea, sea caves and stunning sunsets are just some of the things that attract tourists from all over the world. I have decided to make a little itinerary in case you are visiting this amazing island and don’t know what to visit! I hope I’ll make you put this island high on your European bucket list! Let’s get started

The town of Vis

The town of Vis is the capitol on the island. If you watched “Mamma Mia Here We Go Again”, its port may already be familiar! Vis has a long harbor so take some time to walk along all of it and explore it properly. With the palm trees and stone houses right on the sea front, it is the perfect Dalmatian town to explore, relax and breathe in the scents of summer. The sea is so clear that you can see the sea urchins in the shallow water, but don’t let them fool you, it might look beautiful, but it also means you have to be extra careful while going for a swim!

If you are looking for a good place to eat I suggest Pizzeria Karijola which has great pizza and Konoba Kantun which I heard has amazing local food! For the perfect sunset with a cocktail in your hand I suggest Bistro Frutarija, situated on a stunning terrace above the sea!

Accomodation on the Island of Vis

Finding the perfect accommodation for your vacation is one of the most important things while traveling. Whether you prefer hotels, campsites or private accommodation everyone wants to find the perfect place to relax and enjoy their holidays.
Island of Vis has a much smaller number of hotels compared to the neighboring islands. The best kind of accommodation on Vis are private rooms or apartments. Since we only had 2 nights to stay on the island we decided to get a private room. We managed to find the perfect one! Owned by a young couple, situated in an old stone house, newly renovated in the old town of Vis! The host was amazing, she welcomed us, explained the island map, recommended the best restaurants, beaches, and places to watch the sunset! The house also has apartments so if you want more space and a kitchen you can rent an apartment! It’s called House Bava, trust me you won’t make a mistake if you book it!

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Getting around

Since a lot of people visit the island on foot, finding a vehicle will be a must for getting around. My suggestion is to rent a scooter. We rented one in Vis Rent and it was great. I suggest driving around the old road. It is a bit longer but the views are stunning and I am guessing that’s what you came for! One of the best things about renting a scooter is that you can always find a free place to park and the gas is not expensive.


Prirovo beach is the main beach in Vis town. Beach Grandovac is situated at the end of the town. Srebrna beach is a bit further from Vis and to visit it you will need a car or a scooter. This beach is great just keep in mind that it is created of pretty big rocks and you need to park and then walk a bit to the beach. Near Srebrna is the famous Stiniva beach. It is a bit easier to reach it from the seaside but not impossible from the land side. If you will be visiting it on foot, make sure to have your sneakers on and not flip flops!! On the same coast, you can find other beaches like Mala Travna, Ruda beach, Beach Telpuš, Zglav beach, and Milna beach. You can find more reachable beaches in Komiža is famous for its beaches so Vis Island is no exception!

Sunset spot

Island Vis has some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see! The best spot to enjoy them is the highest peak of the island called Hum. One can reach Hum by driving along the old road. When entering the village Podšpilje you will make a turn to the village Žena Glava.

Before entering it you will turn left and continue driving while you reach the top. We went here with the 50cc scooter and it wasn’t strong enough to pull both of us. On one part of the road, I even had to run uphill a bit! That might be the only reason to get a stronger scooter but you really don’t need it for anything else.

Blue cave

Blue Cave is a must while visiting Vis Island and Croatia in general! It is situated on a small island called Biševo, right in front of the town Komiža. You can access the island in 15 min. transfer speedboat from Komiža. Once you arrive on the island you have to buy tickets in a small shop and wait for your next little transfer boat to take you to the cave. The boat takes max 10 people at a time and drives for about 5 min to get to the entrance of the cave.

While entering the cave everyone must put their heads down because the entrance is so low. Once you enter you need a few seconds for your eyes to adapt but then you can see the stunning blue color that makes this place so magical! The skipper will tell you the story about the cave and how it was first found. He will also give you some information about the island itself. Blue cave is really special and I would highly recommend visiting it while there!


Komiža is the second biggest town on the Island and it is the cutest town ever! I would suggest driving to it from the old road because of the stunning view! The road goes along the coast and gives you a view of the cliffs. At one point this beautiful town appears in the distance and it just looks like from a movie scene (Mama Mia)!

Komiža took my breath away! I wasn’t expecting a view as stunning as that one! The whole town is full of old stone houses that fill the harbor and create the most beautiful scenery. The palm trees in the harbor make the view even more incredible! Komiža is not a big town so you can explore all of it pretty fast. If you decide to have lunch there, I suggest Pizzeria Charly. It is right in the center of the harbor which gives you a beautiful view while enjoying your meal.

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I hope this information will help you make an itinerary for your visit to this beautiful island! Don’t forget to love, laugh, travel, relax & have fun and enjoy your life to the fullest!


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